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5 must-read Magic Leap One reviews

The Magic Leap One, after 7 years of hype and development, has finally hit the shelves. During this time, the startup raised over 2 billion dollars from industry leaders such as Google and JP Morgan Chase. They captured the attention of entire tech community After a lot of hype, the device has finally hit the shelves but with a hefty price tag ($2,295) and with distribution limited to certain areas of the United States.

Magic Leap One vs Hololens

Magic Leap One vs Hololens

Magic Leap has suffered from a marketing push that set unrealistic expectations but the device is cutting edge (Take a look at our ML1 product page for full specs). Often compared with the Hololens, time will tell if the Hololens 2, due in the first half of 2019, will outshine the Magic Leap One. Until then, check out our comparison engine to discover other MR devices currently available.

Magic Leap is a Tragic Heap

Palmer Luckey is the co-founder of Oculus and partly responsible for the renaissance of VR over the past few years. In this review, expect some no BS takes on the device such as “the current UI is basically an Android Wear watch menu that floats in front of you”. Read it here.


Magic Leap One tear down

IFixit got their hands on a Magic Leap One thanks to Palmer Luckey, who must have been as eager as the rest of us to find out what actually is inside the ML1. Read it here.


Tested: Magic Leap One Augmented Reality Review!

This instructive review covers some of the design choices and technology Magic Leap used as well as the experiences available. Watch it on YouTube.


Magic Leap One Creator Edition preview

The Verge put together a great review of the ML1. Less technical, it covers the user experience and how the Magic Leap lives up to the hype. Read it here.


Magic Leap One In-Depth Review

This review by Lucas Rizotto gives great feedback from a developer point of view and includes some cool videos of the ML1 in action. Read it here.  


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