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Basic specs Price: $ 10,000 - $ 50,000
Model Freestyle3D X
Brand FARO (see all products)
Category Handheld
Topic Handheld 3D scanners (see all articles)
Technology Laser triangulation
Max. resolution 0.2 mm
Release date 2016
Country United States

FARO Freestyle3D X review

The Freestyle3D X is a professional handheld 3D scanner produced by FARO. FARO is a leading 3D scanner manufacturer that is based in United States.

This portable 3D scanner is a more advanced version of the original Freestyle3D by FARO.

Freestyle3D X main features

FARO produces high-quality 3D scanners that are very well regarded in the 3D scanning industry. Their Freestyle3D X boasts various interesting features:

  • Real-time mesh visualization
  • Large 3D scanning volume (8.1 m3)
  • Texture/color capture (24 bits)
  • Fast 3D scanning (from 0.02 ms to 10 milliseconds per single scan)
  • High-density meshes (as much as 45,000 points per single scan when taken at a 0.5-meter distance)
  • Automatic calibration

This professional handheld 3D scanner is also lightweight and easily maneuverable. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from architecture and engineering to construction, medical or industrial use, and even crime scene investigation.

When it comes to accuracy and precision, FARO 3D scanners are some of the leading products on the market.

FARO Freestyle3D X price

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Freestyle3D X FARO


Model Freestyle3D X
Brand FARO
Price $ 10,000 - $ 50,000
Release date 2016
Country United States
Status Available
Category Handheld
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats XYZ, XYZRGB
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution 0.2 mm
Max. accuracy 1 mm
Acquisition speed 88000 points/s
Camera resolution
Working range 0.5 - 3 m
Scanning area (near) 450 × 530 mm
Scanning area (far) 2600 × 2900 mm


Dimensions 260 × 310 × 105 mm
Weight 0.98 kg
Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Robotic arm


SD card
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