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Reverb Consumer Edition HP

Reverb Consumer Edition HP - VR/AR
Basic specs Price: $ 599
Model Reverb Consumer Edition
Manufacturer HP (see all products)
Category PC VR
Resolution 2160 × 2160 px (per eye)
Field of view (FOV) 114°
Release date 2019
Country United States

HP Reverb Consumer Edition review

The HP Reverb Consumer Edition is a virtual reality headset manufactured by HP. This VR headset, a follow-up to the HP VR1000-100, is designed for the Windows Mixed Reality content platform.

Although the Windows Mixed Reality platform confusingly states “Mixed Reality” in its naming, the Reverb is in fact a virtual reality HMD (head-mounted display) and not a mixed reality headset. See more information about differences between VR and MR in our VR/MR/AR guide.

HP Reverb vs. HP VR1000-100

In comparison with its previous version, this HP Windows Mixed Reality headset boasts a number of improvements and changes, including:

  • High resolution screen
  • Built-in headphones (removable)
  • More ergonomic fit and new fabric face design (similar to the Oculus Go)
  • No flip-up visor
  • Wider 114-degree field of view (vs. 110° on the first HP headset)

HP Windows VR headset Reverb main features

  • High-quality display: this VR headset boasts higher fidelity and pixel density than its previous version. These factors enable users to perceive less SDE (screen door effect) than with other Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets.
  • 6DoF motion controllers and positional tracking: enables intuitive user interaction with VR games and content. Tracking is possible without external sensors thanks to inside-out tracking with two front-facing cameras that map the environment.
  • Content platform compatibility: the Reverb HMD is compatible with both the Windows Mixed Reality platform and the SteamVR platform.
  • Easy plug-n-play setup: the 2-in-1 HDMI/power cable allows for easier setup. Also, there is no need to install external tracking beacons.

One element to note, though, is that the Reverb VR headset does not feature IPD or lens-to-eye adjustment. However, it is possible to adjust the IPD +/- 8mm through Windows MR software on the user’s PC.

HP Reverb price

The HP Reverb Consumer Edition (consumer version) will cost $599. The HP Reverb Professional Edition (enterprise version rival to the HTC VIVE Pro) will be available at a retail price of $649.

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HP Reverb Consumer Edition tests and ratings
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Reverb Consumer Edition HP


Model Reverb Consumer Edition
Manufacturer HP
Price $ 599
Release date 2019
Country United States
Status Available
Category PC VR


Display type LCD
Resolution 2160 × 2160 px (per eye)
Refresh rate 90 Hz
Field of view (FOV) 114°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale Yes
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking Yes
Built-in front camera Yes
Eye tracking
Hand tracking


Usable with glasses
Cooling system
Built-in headphones Yes
Built-in microphone Yes
Flip-up visor Yes
Voice command


Min CPU (Processor) Intel Core i7, Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5
Min GPU (Graphic Processor) NVIDIA GTX 1080, NVIDIA Quadro P5200, AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200
Min RAM (Memory) 16 GB
OS Microsoft Windows


Weight 500 g
Dimensions 177 × 55 × 84 mm
Battery life
IPD adjustment
Lens-to-eye adjustment


Micro USB
DisplayPort Yes
mini DisplayPort
Micro SD Card
Bluetooth Yes
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